15 Ways to Buy Property No Money Down – Real Estate Investing Training Video

http://www.localmentor.com Colorado Real estate investment expert, Michael Jake, teaches zero down investing techniques. Learn foreclosures, short sales, subject to, land contracts, owner financing and other creative real estate financing structures. Free Colorado real estate investing course teaches you how: http://www.localmentor.com
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  1. Dee Jay says:

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  2. hippo potamus says:

    All Cash, hard money 3rd party, lease option, subject to, etc. etc.
    All those sound great in theory but very difficult to find and do in

  3. Roger Drakes says:

    Good stuff,what we don’t know can hurt us. 

  4. Frank Ryder Buy Houses says:

    What is your website

  5. Matt Thomas says:

    Great tips.Thanks.
    Very Helpful When Buying A Sale Property?

  6. Aktual Property says:
  7. Jeffery Holmes-Rice says:
  8. Jennie Lanie says:

    Wow, i really like then techniques Micheal. i will have to try this myself

  9. bhupendra jung shahi says:

    Large amounts of folks now make huge amounts of cash who never thought they
    could. Go and Google Candid Cash Code to see what they did.

  10. Caroline Nonyane says:

    I am really inspired by this review and I am definitely going to real

  11. Miss Bleu says:

    Great video with a lot of good information. Thanks for posting this video

  12. RVS BEST says:

    Hi, Michael, How can i get the place were renting right now for sale for
    500k with 4 renters is this possible?. $525. month in its commercial site.

  13. HoneyKisses says:

    Do you need a license for all of these strategies? If not, which ones?

  14. John Nguyen says:
  15. Jake Calle says:

    on to the next! Good Stuff!

  16. localmentor says:


  17. localmentor says:

    @MakeCoronaHome Yes. (FYI, i have closed 2 non-owner occupied short sales
    with local lenders – neither were listed and I assigned both of them. You
    MUST know your state’s up to date laws. In CO it matters if it’s owner
    occupied or not – very different rules. Laws and Lender SS Acceptance
    letters are 2 diff. things as well. If I intend to flip it I’ll contract in
    a trust or LLC and sell THAT entity in lieu of selling or assigning the
    contract (or double closing). I have other videos on this.

  18. Kevin Gator says:

    my name is Kevin im from Zimbabwe im an aspiring real estate investor and i
    ve been investing my tym in learning about real estate. wanna be the first
    young millionaire here as many people here are only concerned in just
    having jobs and not being financial literate. any advice for me?

  19. localmentor says:

    if you watch this video NONE of the ways I talk about involve bank

  20. localmentor says:

    assume you can’t “Refi” either one. The OVERLEVERAGED house pays you every
    month. The HIGH EQUITY house COSTS you money EVERY MONTH. House A implies a
    good buyer put together a very safe OWNER carry financing (low payment to
    offset HIGH PRICE) and House B implies you bought it cheap with likely a
    HARD MONEY interest rate. I have another video I just posted on “How to go
    broke buying real estate no money down”. not a bad waste of time for other
    considerations. Thoughts?

  21. localmentor says:

    Cesar, I’m glad you are an expert in telling people what won’t work. I
    guess all the California Investors I know that use those strategies day in
    and day out must all be lying to me. I think not. Using “No”, or “none” or
    “never” is self defeating language, and you may be right in saying MANY or
    even MOST but not all. in a FLAT market with ZERO hands on experience I
    PERSONALLY did a Zero down deal using cross collateralization.

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